About Me

I am a Los Angeles native with a knack for expressing complex ideas simply and effectively through the written word.  Every role I have landed throughout my 15-year career has had one thing in common: communication.  Whether I am communicating policy to your employees, what you offer to your clients, or why someone should get involved in a cause, I believe in doing so authentically and inclusively.  I look forward to getting to tell your story.

In the Media

I had the opportunity to talk with the Los Angeles Times about about how one of my passion communities, The Buy Nothing Project, has helped combat Covid-related supply chain issues in Los Angeles. From mundane items like lint and toilet paper to big ticket items like cars, the local Buy Nothing Group I help manage has built connections and gotten our neighbors what they need, even in difficult times. Through Admins Helping Admins, I have had the opportunity to coach, work with, and learn from many of the wonderful humans quoted in the article! Together, we are shaping the Buy Nothing Project in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

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