Spring Cleaning Your Community

For many cultures, spring is about starting fresh and renewal.  It is no wonder that so many people take the opportunity to clean and clear out this time of year.  The idea of spring cleaning got me thinking about how most people don’t take time to review, renew, and refresh their online communities on a regular basis. That’s why I […]

Teaching Teens Safe Social

I think about social media education in the same way that I think about sex education because saying the solution is to take social away from kids will work about as well as abstinence-only sex ed works (it doesn’t) in preventing pregnancy and STDs. We can tell them not to do it, but eventually, they will anyway.  In the meantime, let’s teach them how to be safe and avoid unintended consequences.

The Benefits of a Social Media Audit

If you manage a social media account or an online community, chances are that you have come across ads for or heard mention of social media audits. Before I was in social media and community management, I always thought of audits as those scary things that happen when someone makes a mistake on their taxes. It felt like something that […]

Exciting New Tools & Features from Facebook Communities Summit 2021

Facebook Communities Summit (FCS) 2021 did not disappoint. From an impromptu dance session with TOKiMONSTA to emotional words about what community means by Brandon Leek, the summit was jam-packed with exciting, inspirational, and informational content. Jay Shetty capped it off with his words of wisdom for creating content and self-care tips for community builders. Sandwiched in between were community awards, […]

Mastering Difficult Conversations in Your Community

Whether it is in our professional or personal life, we are all bound to come upon difficult conversations that cannot or should not be avoided. From dealing with a controversial topic in your group to setting boundaries with your boss or client, these challenging communications can be nerve-racking if you are unprepared. These 5 steps can help ensure that you […]

Reflections on Riding a Rollercoaster

It’s an old cliche to compare life to being on a roller coaster, but sometimes cliches exist for a reason.  Though to be honest, when I decided to take the Facebook Certified Community Manager exam, I thought I was getting on a different ride. I am not sure if I thought it would be the tunnel of love because of […]

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